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10 + 1 tricks to increase sales on Instagram

10 + 1 tricks to increase sales on Instagram


We talked about sales on Instagram. Incidentally, it is also a good way to make money. Because we know many online shops, which

earn more than 40 or 50 million tomans per month. From the many conversations we have had with people this time around, we have seen that there are often two categories:

People who want to have a store on Instagram; But they do not know what products to sell.

People who already have a store on Instagram; But they do not sell well.

In this article, I want to talk about tips that answer both categories. I mean, first let me talk a little bit about what products to sell. Then review ways to increase your sales. You may be wondering if you should be trained to sell on Instagram or not? Definitely yes!

In the market, for example, some boutiques are not crowded due to the intensity of the crowds. On the other hand, some of them have given up unemployment and are thinking about their debts! Why?! Because the first-class seller knows his job well, which is to sell. In this article, we want to talk about some ways to increase sales for Instagram businesses.



Although selling a product on Instagram is a good idea for making money on the Internet, we are always afraid of being suddenly filtered. So what do we do?

At the end of the article, in addition to selling on Instagram, we offer you to overcome this fear and worry, and to be ahead of your competitors!

Earn money from Instagram

What products are suitable for sale on Instagram?

The popularity of Instagram among the people, especially the people of our country, has made it a good option for selling products and services. On the Internet, such as Instagram or the store site, your product is seen by millions of people; If so, your traditional store in an area may have only one hundred or two hundred entrants during the day.

Fortunately, on Instagram, you can sell any product, including physical, virtual products, as well as services. For example:

Selling art and handicraft products on Instagram

Sale of clothes, bags, shoes, socks

Sell ​​jewelry on Instagram

Selling home-made food products such as sweets, cakes, pickles, trainers

Sell ​​books on Instagram

Sell ​​files such as PDFs, podcasts or videos

Sell ​​mobile or laptop accessories

Sell ​​cosmetics

Sell ​​dolls on Instagram

An example of this is selling art products on Instagram, which we have taught in full in this article.

Where can we get the product?

This is another important concern of people. It may exist for you too. I want to say do not worry about product supply. You are not going to have a product from the beginning. You launch the page, post and use it, introduce your product a bit. After a while you will probably get the order, after that you can go and get the product as many as they ordered.

I want to say this so that you do not worry about the initial capital. Take time on your Instagram page. After a while, this issue will be resolved. Even many businessmen order first, then procure the product with capital.

What are the product sales techniques on Instagram?

“Nobody buys this product, I have to go for a product that is in high demand!” We have heard this phrase many times from people who have not been successful in selling a product. But do you think the problem with their work is always the type of product?

Pre-market market demand is essential for starting a business; But more important than that is your skill and ability to increase sales. If you know how to sell, you can convince the toughest customers to buy.

A good salesperson brings demand and customers for his product (even if it is a swimwear on land!). Sometimes even we, on some Instagram pages or websites, are attracted to a certain product and buy it without feeling the need.

In the following, we will mention some of the tricks of selling products on Instagram. We recommend that you read these tips before


selling through Instagram.

Sell ​​the product on Instagram

1. Optimize your profile

Your Instagram page profile, such as the showcase and decor of your shop or store. In the first 3 or 4 seconds, the customer decides whether or not to follow you. In short, you need to attract the audience’s attention and trust from the very first moment.

For example, choose a suitable and attractive bio description for your introduction; So that the customer has a reason to follow you. Also, include information about the possibility of sending mail to different geographical locations, physical store address, store site link and contact number in the bio description.

Beau Page Insta Sales

2. Post quality and appropriate photos of the product

Walking through shopping malls, we are attracted to shops that have clean glass and windows and a good and tidy appearance. On the other hand, if the shop window is cluttered and unsuitable, the products are difficult to see and we do not want to enter the store. On Instagram, the photos and appearance of your page are the same as the shop window and glass.

The Instagram platform, from the beginning until now, has had a visual nature. Influencing quality and appropriate images always has a great impact on user engagement. Now suppose you have a sales page on this social network. As you know, shopping online or on Instagram causes problems; This means that the buyer can not physically touch your item or measure its dimensions.

So try to take quality pictures and

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